Other Scrotal Disorders

In Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Chris McClung fixes scrotal disorders with urogenital surgery on a regular basis with excellent outcomes. Why? Because he tailors his technique to each patient’s unique situation .

Scrotal Webbing

Scrotal webbing, or a webbed penis, is a congenital condition that can be corrected by a reconstructive urology surgeon. The problem can also happen during circumcision. The result is similar to concealed penis syndrome, in which the penis appears smaller than it actually is because a web or fold of skin obscures the angle of the shaft to the scrotum.

Surgery can be performed to release the webbing and elongate the skin on the underside of the penis. This will correct the angle of the shaft, allowing the penis to assume a normal length and appearance.

Scrotal Lymphedema

Extreme scrotal swelling may be caused by lymphedema, a condition in which lymph fluid and tissue accumulate within the scrotum. The scrotum becomes so enlarged that it can interfere with walking.  Surgery can be done to remove the massive lymphatic tissue, but it is risky. It should only be done by a reconstructive urologist experienced with scrotal lymphedema surgery.

In central Ohio and the surrounding states, Dr. McClung is the urologist you want for corrective surgery on the penis or scrotum. 

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